Indigo and coffee – work in progress

In a previous post I talked a bit about my brother’s cafe (Hideaway) and how we find ourselves with the exciting task of making some textile pieces to hang on its walls. As our knowledge grows together with our young brand we want to continue looking at possibilities of using locally available resources and up-cycling materials. In any cafe one of the most freely available dyestuffs is used coffee grounds and so this is what we have been experimenting with lately. Rubbing the leftover coffee over the fabric gives it a nice toned-down rustic look that works well with the indigo and really connects the finished work to the space it is in. We’ve also been incorporating patches of some leftover cork fabric from the menu covers here and there, as well as the occasional foray into Sashiko stitching. Stretched over wooden frames and hung on the walls, these should make perfect decorations to set the mood and perhaps generate interest from people who aren’t familiar with indigo and are just coming for a good cup of coffee.

sashiko indigo

sashiko patchwork shibori

indigo wall piece

More to come soon!

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