Indigo aprons

Just a short post to start off 2015. I spent a quiet New Years holiday by my indigo vat and sewing machine, working on aprons for the two lovely baristas at Hideaway Cafe. The cafe is still in its soft opening period and things such as furniture and artworks still need to be set up properly. The baristas’ uniform was also one of the things that needed to be done and since I designed the uniform for my brother’s omurice restaurant, it became an automatic task for me to design the cafe’s uniform as well. Aprons are essential for barista duties and since the cafe already has indigo artworks and curtain, it was natural for the baristas to wear something that goes with the same theme.

The first apron is a zig zag shibori design with additional hand stitching. The stitching was done with organic hand spun cotton yarn.

apron detail1  apron pop

The second apron is an all over fawn spot shibori design with additional darning stitches done with linen threads.

indigo apron detail2  apron aom

I am not an expert in clothing construction and although the task seemed uncomplicated I must admit that it wasn’t easy for me sewing up these aprons and making adjustments to make them fit. Regardless of that, it was a fun little project and I am happy to see that the girls like what I made. Instead of just wearing the restaurant’s uniform (since they are helping with restaurant duties while the cafe is still not officially open), they can now throw on their new barista aprons for work as well.

indigo aprons  apron back


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