Wall pieces up at Hideaway Cafe

If you walk down Bangkok’s Ekkamai road you might come across a community mall called Park Lane. Inside there is a quaint two-storied building with tall glass and a giant wooden nest sculpture encompassing an egg-shaped sign. This is the original branch of Omu: the Japanese Omurice restaurant started and managed by Ann’s brother Dou that has now expanded to include several new branches across Bangkok. Tucked away inside on the second floor is a space where the lights are a little dimmer, the tones and sounds subdued and the distinct aroma of coffee permeates the air. Here Ann’s other brother Prom has been working hard to give rise to Hideaway Cafe which is the manifestation of his passion for and commitment to making great coffee.

We have had the pleasure of being given some wall space to run wild with. It’s a great opportunity to have an outlet for our works so early on where we can put them out there in the world to get feedback and generate interest. We decided to have some fun with various stitch-resist indigo dyeing techniques as well as utilising leftover materials from Omu: some old coasters, cork fabric from menus and of course the brown pigment from Hideaway’s used coffee grounds. Although the space itself hasn’t officially opened just yet Hideaway Cafe has been brewing and serving beverages to customers at Omu. So if you ever find yourself in Bangkok and are looking for a great meal and excellent coffee or want to see our works then head down to Ekkamai!

Hideaway Cafe Facebook page 
Omu Facebook page 

shibori indigo wall art


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