Slowstitch studio at NAP Chiang Mai 2015‏

The annual 6 day NAP fair (Nimmanhemin Art and Promenade Fair) that we have been busy preparing for since August is now over! While being our first ever sales event it was also an absolute ton of fun for both of us. We went to bed each night completely exhausted but looked forward to the new day every morning. Our only regret was that we didn’t make time to go around and really look attentively at the colourful and creative works of people who also participated in the fair.

We got some great feedback and a lot of interest in our work. Thank you to all who came by to support us, offer words of encouragement and sound advice. Thanks to you we are able to continue doing the work that we love.


If only more days were like this! Each evening tired and smiling after a full day, walking back in the cool night breeze with a cold beer in one hand and a box of textiles in the other. Happiness.


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