Thank you Chiang Mai

“If only more days were like this! Each evening tired and smiling after a full day, walking back in the cool night breeze with a cold beer in one hand and a box of textiles in the other. Happiness.”

One year has passed since we wrote that after taking part in the 2015 Nimmanhemin Art and Promenade Fair. The last year has been a blur of work filled with overlapping projects that integrated new techniques, experimentations and different ways of working into our designs. Continue reading

Preparations for Chiang Mai Design Week

Last December we exhibited and sold our work at the Nimmanhaemmin Art & Design Festival (NAP) festival in Chiang Mai. The exposure was great and the experience was positive overall and although we made some sales it was clear that what we were offering at the time was not well-suited to the event. Rather participating in NAP fair again this year and tailoring our work to achieve smaller-sized products with less complex patterns and a lower price-point we decided instead to do something different: we applied for a space at Chiang Mai Design Week hosted by TCDC (Thailand Creative & Design Center). Continue reading

Crafts in Taiwan

Following the NAP sales event in December of last year our website and Facebook page started receiving a growing amount of interest from Taiwanese visitors. Up till then neither of us really knew much about this small island nation. In our studies of textiles the three East Asian countries with the most dominating influence on our aesthetics were Japan, China and Korea and unfortunately for us Taiwan was hardly ever mentioned in our discussions. As we looked through the public photo albums of Taiwan-based textile and craft studios we were struck by the awesome beauty and eventually could not resist taking a short trip to see it for ourselves. Something about the work resonated an elegant sort of power and a particular “flavor” which we hadn’t quite seen before. Continue reading