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Boro in Lisbon

Posted by Serge Tishkin on

Boro in Lisbon

Some days ago I visited the Museu Do Design E Da Moda (MUDE) in Lisbon to see an exhibition on Japanese Boro textiles. Boro textiles have been a source of endless fascination for me, something that oozes history, wisdom and human spirit so profusely that you cannot help but get some on yourself and end up having a wordless dialogue with it. The textiles were often the work of farmers who could not afford the very same cotton which they grew for the higher classes and instead had to salvage every scrap of cloth they could to patch them together or repair other fabrics. There were ships laden with scraps and bits of damaged cloth that traded up and down the coastline. The patchwork fabrics were often passed down to younger generations and subsequently repaired and later forgotten as Japan began to embrace mass-scale modernisation.

boro jacket   boro stencil cloth

boro jackets   boro cloth

boro pillows   boro jacket

boro jacket detail   boro patchwork

boro jacket


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