The Stitch Dye Collection

Our homage to ancient tie dye, shibori and stitch resist dyeing techniques

Traditional shibori - remixed

The Stitch Dye Collection showcases our best textile work created using the meditatively time consuming method of shibori, tie dye and stitch resist dyeing.

Blurred-edge patterns with soft nuances and gradations are the uniquely special characteristics of this technique.

These are achieved by intensively stitching the fabric by hand, pulling the threads to compress the piece and dyeing it in indigo and non-toxic dyes.

This process takes many days and ensures a unique result each and every time. There are no two exactly identical pieces of shibori in the world and an element of the unexpected is always present.

Inspiration for the collection comes from old masters' works, forgotten patterns and our own personal reinterpretations of traditional designs. In this way we aim to give these ancient patterns a new lease on life in the modern age.

We hope that our Stitch Dye works bring you delight and shine a new perspective on this time-honored craft.

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