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We are Serge and Ann – two textile artists exploring the possibilities of expression through colour on cloth.


Ann was born in Thailand and has always had the passion for arts, crafts and design. She went to London to pursue her college education in design and was introduced to textile design during her foundation year. She found herself becoming quite obsessed with creating textures, colours and surface details and decided to continue into a 3-year bachelor degree course in Textile Design with specialisation in weaving. After graduation she returned Bangkok and worked as a textile designer for an interior decoration company for two years. While computer aided design was enjoyable in its own way Ann felt a need to come back to the full sensory and emotional experience of physically creating cloth with her own hands. She decided to quit her job and flew to Japan to study indigo dyeing and traditional Japanese textiles. In Japan she found a major inspiration in natural dyeing as well as sustainable ways of living and creating arts and crafts. It was there that she and Serge met while studying under the same craftsman. She is now back in Thailand and is working with Serge on developing Slowstitch into a sustainable dyeing and weaving studio.


Serge was born in Siberia and fell into the world of textiles and handicrafts by chance when he was wandering lost in rural Japan several years ago. There, in a parking lot, he met and later befriended a craftsman who had been living in the nearby mountains for over 20 years, raising silkworms and growing indigo. This man became his teacher and Serg instantly found working with his hands to be addicting and particularly soothing to the mind. His other passion is regenerative agriculture and sustainable living systems. He now spends most of his time in Northern Thailand where he continues to build on his textile knowledge and works on a small plot of land to establish his first “edible forest garden” (a perennial polyculture of multipurpose plants that make up a self-sustaining woodland) which will integrate edibles together with plants that can be harvested for their use in textile work. In this way he works to use his knowledge of visual pattern creation on cloth to foster regenerative patterns of behaviour and interaction with our immediate environment.

At Slowstitch Studio we work with natural materials to craft textile accessories, clothing and interior goods. Our process is deeply influenced by our love for indigo, botanical dyes, traditional Japanese dyeing techniques and the beauty of creating things with hands, time and soul.


When possible we source hand-spun hand-woven materials which, after undergoing the inherently unpredictable process of natural dyeing, result in every piece being different and possessing a depth of character unique to itself. All fabrics are hand-dyed by us in our studio unless stated otherwise.