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Life & Business: Serge & Ann of Slowstitch Studio

Design Sponge

"Serge and Ann founded Slowstitch Studio, a textile company focused on Japanese indigo dyeing, to foster their love and passion for creating textile accessories, clothing and interior soft goods with hand-dyed fabric."

Shibori Workshop with Slowstitch Studio

Ponytail Journal

"We are so proud of all of our W'menswear indigo products that are painstakingly hand stitched and dyed in natural indigo by our friends Anne and Serg of Slowstitch Studio in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand."

The Process: Slowstitch Studio
Traditional Shibori, Remixed

The Kindcraft

"Shibori — one of Japan’s oldest indigo dyeing techniques — has seen its cool blue and white palette transformed into a red-hot global trend in recent years. But though this burgeoning worldwide market...."

Dye Hard

Bangkok Post

"Life in Bangkok can often be described as fast and furious, but if you're stuck in the usual rush-hour traffic jam, painstakingly slow would also jump to mind. Kanchalee "Ann" Ngamdamronk and Sergey Tishkin..."


Slowstitch Studio: The Beauty of Creating with Hands, Time & Soul


"Ann Ngamdamronk and Serge Tishkin, the mastermind behind Slowstitch, a sustainable dyeing and weaving studio are building a unique shibori label. They aim to push the limits of shibori by experimenting with complex patterns and botanical colors that are unusual to this art. But let’s back up for a minute and see how it all started."

Meet the Textile Artists of Slowstitch


"Slow Stitch, a textile studio based in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, creates the most exquisite textile patterns. Their unique designs are achieved by experimenting with natural dyeing and Shibori, a traditional Japanese technique that uses an indigo dye combined with folding, stitching and compressing methods to create the patterns."

Shibori and Indigo at Slowstitch Studio

Pallu Design

"While enjoying time around Chiang Mai’s creative scene in recent years, we have admired the work of Serge and Ann at Slowstitch Studio. They exhibit creativity and finesse in shibori and natural dyed fabrics that are renowned for their warmth and individuality. Slowstitch Studio....."

Slowstitch Studio: Tai-Thai Design Collaboration


"หลังจากที่โครงการ Tai-Thai Design Collaboration Project 2018 โครงการแลกเปลี่ยนความรู้ด้านงานออกแบบโดยความร่วมมือระหว่างศูนย์สร้างสรรค์งานออกแบบ และ Taipei Cultural Foundation ภายใต้หัวข้อ “Attitude, Inspired by Nature” ....."


T.pot Journal

"Xanh thảm như màu nước hồ, có khi lại nhẹ nhàng như bầu trời thu, lang dáng như nhành hoa bên thềm, Màu cam là một màu sắc đặc biệt làm say đắm bao tâm hồn. Dù được du ng rất nhiều trong đời sống nhưng lại ít có ai hiểu biết tê loại màu này. Man chan là một ....."

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