Natural Bundle Dye Kit

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Discover the magic of natural dyeing! Make your own original silk scarf/scrunchie using natural colors from the comfort of your home.

Kit Contents:

• Ready-to-dye silk fabric
• Locally harvested flower petals
• Natural dye powders
• Cotton string
• Parchment paper
• Instructions

Our kit contains everything you need to create a unique wearable silk creation. Includes ready-to-dye silk fabric – the same gorgeously smooth top grade of silk satin which we use for our own finished scarves.

All non-toxic materials – a great gift for the aspiring crafter and a perfect project to do with kids.

How to use:

Step 1 – Sprinkle the dyes onto the fabric
Step 2 – Roll the fabric into a tight bundle
Step 3 – Set the natural dyes either by steaming (steam for 1-2 hours using a steamer or a colander suspended in a pot of water) or solar dyeing (put the bundle inside a jar with water and place in direct sunlight for several days or weeks)
Step 4 – Wash and enjoy your original plant dyed silk creation!

Check out our videos on the Instructions tab for more info

Multiple fabric options available:

• Square – 55x55cm / 21×21 inches
• Long – 35x150cm / 14×59 inches
• Scrunchie – 3 Scrunchies (with detachable bow)
• Jumbo Kit – Square, Long & 3 Scrunchies – Best Value!

Kit Contents:

• Silk fabric – premordanted and ready-to-dye for your convenience
• Dried flower petals (marigold & butterfly pea flower petals – locally harvested)
• Natural dye powders (mangosteen skins, sappanwood and turmeric)
• Cotton string
• Parchment paper
• Instructions

After years of testing countless types of fabrics in our own naturally dyed works we believe we’ve found the best kind for achieving bright and rich colors.

The silk satin in your kit has a gorgeously luscious texture and is the same top grade of premium silk which we use in our own finished scarves.

On top of looking absolutely fabulous the natural properties of silk also help the body to stay cool in summer and warm in winter whilst providing a soft pleasing touch to the skin.

For your convenience the silk satin in your kit has already been mordanted with alum – a gentle mordant commonly known for its non-toxicity and ability to bring out bright natural colors from plants.

How to dye silk scarves:

How dye a silk scrunchie:

How long will the project take?
Your original silk creation can be ready in as little as one hour. If you’d like more saturated colors simply increase the steaming time (three hours maximum).

Do you have other sizes of silk available?
Yes we do! Check out our Dye Supplies & Kits shop section for more sizes.

What if I don’t have a steamer?
No problem! You can improvise by suspending a colander inside a simmering pot of water and covering it with a lid. Alternatively, the fabric bundle can be wrapped tightly using plastic wrap and simmered in hot water. As long as the fabric is exposed to heat for at least 1-2 hours the natural dyes will transfer and set.

Another option is to use the power of the sun. Put the bundle inside a jar with water and place the jar in a spot with direct sunlight for several days. You can increase the solar dyeing duration to several weeks if you want deep saturated shades.

Can I add other dyes into the design?
Yes, the fabric can absolutely be used with other natural dyes, leaves or flowers! Feel free to experiment by adding plants that grow around you to the fabric bundle. We recommend wrapping the fabric very tightly onto a rigid core (like a smooth wooden pole) to get clear leaf prints and botanical designs.

What if I don’t like my design?
No problem! The bundle dyeing process can be repeated indefinitely on the same fabric since it has been pre-treated with a mordant to absorb natural dyes. Additional layers of colors or patterns can always be added on top of your design so you can continue to experiment or modify your original creation as many times as you like. Some of our students take these silks on their travels and use local plants at their destination to continually add to their original design so their silk becomes a kind of botanical travelling journal.

Do you offer wholesale discounts for groups/classroom activities?
Yes! Contact us and let us know how many kits you would like.

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