Stria Pillow


A decorative indigo dyed pillow featuring our Stria design

• 20″ x 20″ (approximately 50 x 50 cm)
• Material: indigo dyed cotton
• Invisible zip closure
• Insert not included

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This pillow features a combination of our cotton fabric that has been dyed in varying shades of indigo. With the help of our friends and fellow artisans from the Lisu hilltribe in the Mae Tang region in Chiang Mai this cotton was arranged into a geometric patchwork that plays on variations of traditional Lisu motifs. The result is a stunning pillow that effortlessly combines cultural heritage with modern elegance, making it a captivating addition to any living space.

The fragments in the patchwork composition highlight the artistry of an ancient Japanese dyeing technique called shibori. This is a method of creating intricate patterns by manipulating and compressing cloth in a way that is similar to tie-dye. Stitching and tying hundreds of threads by hand makes this an especially time intensive process, and one yard of fabric dyed in this way can often take an entire week of work.

The special characteristic of shibori patterns are soft blurred edges with nuance and subtle shade gradations. What lends these pieces a powerfully unique quality is the infinite amount of minute variations. Shibori designs can appear structured, but by looking closer at the details one finds elements of the human touch everywhere. Each and every piece is entirely unique. This feature makes it easy to enjoy the designs and remain intrigued by them for many years.

Using indigo and other natural dyes throughout our process lets us create textile works that will age gracefully over time. We’ve taken the extra effort to put our pieces through multiple thorough washes to minimize the risk of color transfer. This way you can rest assured that our textiles are ready to become a part of your daily life.

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