Adva Tote Bag


Flat tote bag featuring textural embroidery.

• 13.5″W, 15.5″H (approximately 34 x 40cm)
• Outer material: upcycled polyester

• Inner lining: cotton canvas
• Inner pocket
• Magnetic clasp
• Embroidered on both sides using cotton yarn

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This flat tote bag features charming textural embroidery accents and upcycled upholstery fabric. A comfortable shoulder strap length keeps the bag snugly against your body without constricting movement. The inner lining is a highly durable cotton canvas that will ensure many years of sustained use.

For extra utility you’ll find an interior slip pocket, making it easy to safely store and retrieve smaller items like your keys and phone. A brass magnetic clasp sits at the top to securely keep all your belongings inside.

Please note that due to the handcrafted nature of our works each one is unique and the color/pattern may vary slightly from the image.

Individually hand-crafted using a combination of hand and sewing machine-assisted embroidery.

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